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our mission, our staff and our office

Our mission

Our mission is to spearhead the development and use of effective e-learning in Rwanda and the East African Community.  We want the brand “made in Rwanda” for e-learning to mean: localized, interactive, well adapted, creative and effective.

We aim to be a creative and exciting company where young people have the chance to grow and achieve their ambitions. Within 10 years the company will be fully owned by our Rwandan employees. They will further develop the company in Rwanda and abroad.

Our staff


From the Convention Centre go towards RDB. Just before RDB at the traffic lights, turn left into KG 9 Avenue towards Nyaraturama. After only 100 meter, just after you pass the RDB building on your right hand side, turn right.

Take KG 8 Avenue down into a valley. You pass coffee centre on the right. After about 1km when the road comes up again, take an unpaved road to the left. There is a sign for a roofing sheets factory (Buffalo Brand) and a sign for a crèche . This is KG 183 street. After 50 meters (before the road goes down steeply) turn right into KG 215 street.

Continue on 215 street. Pass a park on your left hand side and keep right. After the park it is the first house on your left hand side, house number 78, a black gate.


Our office


Three Mountains learning advisors
KG215 street, house 78
P.O.box 5153
Remera, Kigali



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