Personal effectiveness

                    Get organised and manage your time effectively

Do you often feel lost in the overload of information and requests?

Is your backlog piling up?

Do you do too much overtime?

Do you feel under pressure?

Do you lack a sense of fulfilment?


Then our personal effectiveness and time management course is for you!


About the training

The course provides a practical and proven method to take control of the way you work. It is an individual programme and most of it is internet based.

During a kick-off session we challenge your mind-set about how you work, and you receive access to the learning material. In 6 individual e-learning lessons you learn how to:

  • Organise your work more efficiently
  • Transform non-functional work habits.

After each session you will implement and practise what you have just learnt. The full programme is spread out over 3 – 4 months, since changing work habits takes time and practice.

You will receive personalised support via at least 3 individual coaching sessions, either face-to-face or via Skype.

The benefits

Applying our practical method will:

  • Enable you to take control of your work process
  • Increase your daily output by 10-20%
  • Reduce backlog and work pressure.

Results increase, when all members of a team, department or organisation complete the course and adopt the same way of working.



Renée Osté is lead trainer for this course. She is an expert in personal effectiveness training and coaching and the CIEP methodology.

Renée Osté

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