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Gerry van der Hulst Director and instructional designer

In 2015, Gerry van der Hulst (1961) moved to Rwanda to start Three Mountains learning advisors, building on the experience of the consulting company she set up in the Netherlands in 2005, together with her husband, Jan Willem Eggink, called De Professionele Mens (Professional People). De Professionele Mens focused on capacity building with the use of e-learning, and Gerry developed several extensive blended learning programmes for students and professionals in the chronic care sector.

From 2011-2014 Gerry was an elected member of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug’s city council for Groen Links (Dutch political party, Green Left). She was country director of SNV in Botswana and Niger, working to alleviate poverty.

Gerry worked as a manager and consultant in several health care institutions in The Netherlands and Zimbabwe, after finishing her studies in occupational therapy and sociology.