I like networking and


Gloria Rukomeza E-course developer

October 21st 2019, I joined Three Mountains as an intern for a period of 6 months. Currently, I am resuming my Bachelor’s studies in Communications with concentration in Business at Southern New Hampshire University, through Kepler Program.

My passion in education, professionalism and leadership motivated me to join Three Mountains to acquire important practical skills for my vision of becoming a professional trainer and coach, especially in education and leadership settings.

Apart from my studies, from September 2018, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in Professional Competences Course for a one-year contract at Kepler campus.

While still being a Kepler student, in Feb 2018 I demonstrated leadership traits by initiating a Leadership Club at Kepler campus and volunteered as the club coordinator for one year and a half.

Joining Three Mountains is an exciting opportunity for me, I am planning to put my knowledge and skills into action and help the company to reach its objectives and goals.