pacifique Kabandana

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Pacifique Kabandana Graphic Designer

Pacifique holds a Diploma in Graphic arts from Ecole d’arts Nyundo. His greatest expertise is in the worlds of behavior change illustrations and children’s books, brand identity design and web design, documentary films, photography, content creation and print collateral.
Pacifique is the founder of Rwandan and runs a company Right Venture. He has an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. He worked in different creative projects in NGOs, Government institutions and in the private sector for organisations like UNICEF, UNHCR , Save the children, Care international, Girl effect, EDC L3, British Council, SNV, Imagine We Rwanda, Migeprof, Inkstain, Urwego opportunity bank, Igihe ltd, The Newtimes, PGL Grand lac, School books distributers, Furaha publishers and many others.
He does graphic design and illustrations for Three Mountains learning advisors since 2016.

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