Renee Oste klein


making long walks and African sunsets

Renée Osté Coach / trainer

Renée Osté’s passion is to facilitate people to achieve unexpected results and develop their full potential. Her deepest wish is to contribute to people’s personal development by making them aware of their unique qualities and potential. She loves to help people to take conscious steps towards realising their dreams.

Renée discovered CiEP while in The Netherlands. CiEP is a practical method for personal effectiveness and results-oriented working. Since 2010 Renée has made the CiEP method available in organisations in Europe as well as in Africa. The results for trainees and their organisations inspire her to continue this work.

Renée studied psychology and non-western sociology. After being driven to Africa, she spent 20 years working in development cooperation. During this time, Renée gained rich experience in project management, organisational development, people-centred training and coaching, gender mainstreaming and accountability.