• Slide110

    Start problem solving

  • Slide24

    Introduction and background

  • Slide31

    How to use this short course?

  • Slide4

    What is your challenge?

  • Slide5

    Orientation towards solutions

  • Slide61

    Describe your emotions

  • Slide71

    Scale your emotions

  • Slide81

    Muster your energy

  • Slide91

    Describe how you cope now

  • Slide101

    Give yourself 3 compliments

  • Slide111

    Create a guiding image

  • Slide121

    Scale your actual situation

  • Slide131

    How to achieve your guiding image?

  • Slide141

    Elaborate milestones

  • Slide151

    Monitor your progress

  • Slide161

    Focus on your strengths

  • Slide171

    The cyclist metaphor

  • Slide181

    Your top 5 strengths

  • Slide191

    Expanding your strengths

  • Slide201

    Working on your weaknesses

  • Slide211

    Managing your weaknesses

  • Slide221


  • Slide231

    Thanks and good luck!

Jan Willem EgginkA short course to help you solve your problems