A Combination of E-learning Platforms

September 17th, 2020

E-learning is playing a big role in the education sector during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic period. As a company delivering professional e-learning to a range of users, this growth in interest and need for e-learning materials is exciting news for us all at Three Mountains.

Several organizations are now transitioning to virtual learning for their staff. Some of them have turned to us requesting support in how to establish an effective distance training facility, including the delivery of e-courses and other training materials like videos and quizzes. Understandably, all of those organisations, want everything to run on their own learning management system (LMS) platforms.  It is always an interesting challenge to discover what the best and easiest way to deliver e-content is, on the different platforms used by our clients.

Three months ago, we won an assignment from Local Administrative Entities Development Agencies) (LODA) in Rwanda to create a comprehensive e-course on their new Monitoring Evaluation and Information System (MEIS.)  The course had to be able to function and run on their temporary Moodle platform which they also use as a video-conferencing facility. We therefore had to study the platform LODA uses to better understand how it works.

It was the first time for me to work with Moodle, and I soon found that Moodle has many different features, and every Moodle platform is different. I found it quite challenging, but that was also something I enjoyed.  I also learned how to upload the e-course which we normally create using the programme Easy Generator. onto the Moodle platform. It works quite well there.

It took some effort to master the Moodle platform, but I am now confident that we will design and deliver a very interesting and engaging e-course for the LODA project, the online video conferencing will also work so. I can’t wait to see the final results of this combination of tools!

We never stop learning at Three Mountains, and the best way to learn is having to teach others what we have learned.

Abel Sadiki Mwangaguhaba