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What our customers say

  • The course material that we created with Gerry and Jan Willem is now used across the organisation. Some heads of department and quality assurance staff run the programme as teachers. We have really made a leap forward in family-friendliness and fruitful collaboration with families.  Gerry and Jan Willem have been an excellent help.  They are resourceful and deliver quality e-learning products. It was a pleasure working with them.

    Bouwina Schuttel, CEO Hanzeheerd, centre for elderly care
  • Close but not too close. A sharp analysis, commitment and proper distance. That was important in the guidance that we received. And it was also what we needed, given all the changes we had to deal with.

    Maria Lauran, senior policy advisor
  • We had a meaningful and worthwhile management retreat! It gave us new insights and inspiration to use the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Jan Willem is a very approachable facilitator. He held up a mirror to us in a very professional way.

    Isabella Isiji, HR manager, The New Times company
  • Pour toutes ses activités, Three Mountains learning advisors ont donné pleine satisfaction et nous les recommendons comme conseillers stratégiques pour le développement de programmes de formation ainsi que pour l’ elaboration et l’exécution des programmes, notamment au niveau du leadership, de la facilitation et du coaching.  

    Brigitte Dia, Country Director SNV Benin
  • I worked for more than a year with Gerry van der Hulst and her team. We produced a blended learning programme for future nurses to be used by several vocational training schools. Gerry definitely has expert knowledge on the production of e-learning tools. She is able to keep the project within time boundaries, manages the project well, and keeps a steady work pace. She is open to various ideas, is creative and encourages others to contribute their best. The material produced received high marks from both teachers who used the material and students alike. I recommend Three Mountains learning advisors to anyone wanting to produce training material.

    Cornelis Kapitein, Senior Lecturer, DELTION College
  • I collaborated intensively with both Jan Willem Eggink and Gerry van der Hulst. Both have expert knowledge with e-learning and are pleasant to work with. They deliver what they promise within the time set for the assignment. I recommend Three Mountains learning advisors to anybody interested in the development of e-learning material.

    Angelica Senders, Gender Expert, AgriProFocus
  • To refine my business plan I had 6 coaching sessions with Jan Willem over a period of half a year. His questions always gave me food for thought and helped me to dig deeper and explain myself better.  I learned a lot from his way of analysing a problem at three levels: the level of desired results, the level of strategy to get there and the level of concrete behaviour of actors, including myself. Very helpful, personal and practical.

    Chantal Nyiramanyana, Executive secretary AVVAIS CSO
  • Jan Willem facilitated our management retreat. He made us discuss a range of subjects at a depth we do not achieve in our normal meetings.  Team building was not a separate issue. We worked on the content in a wild variety of ways, which all contributed to the atmosphere. Within two days we made a lot of tough decisions, we developed some interesting new ideas and afterwards we noticed that we were better connected as a team. Well done!

    Sajji Ryakunze, coordinator AgriProFocus Rwanda