Blended training courses for young professionals in Eastern Africa


The courses from the Life Skills academy help you to get the skills you need to build a successful career. They are helpful in your personal development and to understand yourself better.

The online courses are for free. You can just click a course you find interesting and register for it. Then you can respond to the questions and tasks. All courses have assignments or a workbook that you to practise the new skills.

Practise and get support

If you really want to gain skills, the combination of an online course and practise and feedback sessions with a group or as an individual are most effective. We offer additional face-to-face or online training. There is a fee for this training.

Check the calendar for the dates and costs.

Free online e-courses
Eastern Africa countries served
(mostly Rwandan) employees


Fill out the form to join us as a reviewer

Are you willing to review the material we are working on? Fill in the form and we will send you a link to our work in progress so you can give your comments. Your comments will be used to improve the final material.

You won’t get paid for it, but it may be fun to do. You learn something and you may make a difference to a target group you care about.

For our Life Skills Academy

Manage your work:

An e-course to help you to look at your work habits. Do you manage to get your work done during work hours? Or are you working evenings and weekends? This course will help you to look at your habits and values and will help you to make changes to work more effectively and get the job done. After all, there is more in life than work.

Think critically:

Critical thinkers have a wide range of interests. They ask questions and want to know why, what, who, where, when, and everything else that can help them make sense of life and work. With this e-course, you can improve the quality of both your decisions and your thinking.

Other courses

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