Deliver great presentations

Deliver great presentations

The course teaches you how to:

  • build a presentation
  • deliver a presentation: grounding, use of voice, breathing, eye contact
  • involve your audience
  • use slides or PowerPoint correctly

The course has many practical exercises and will take you more days to follow. If you reply 80% of the questions correctly, you can print a certificate.

Learners rated this course 9.1 out of 10

This course has developed my presentation and reporting skills. It has also has helped me to understand how to overcome fear during presentations.

Uwiragiye Rachel

I learnt how to present using body language, gestures and eye contact for making sure that the participants are following

Thamar Nyiranzabahimana

The course is well organised. The trainee is engaged. No way to skip or escape any page. Contents are superb.

Thomas Kajuga Bernar
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