Believe in yourself

February 14th, 2019

My name is Gretta Flora Irakoze, and I am a new intern at Three Mountains, where I received an opportunity to create online courses that people can use anywhere at any time.I started this internship a month ago, and I am excited by the experience I am already gaining.

Most importantly, I am happy that I found a placement where I can help the community and raise my own voice in this digital world. For example, I am currently working on a project to sensitise and educate people regarding Rwanda’s Sustainable Development Goals, and how we can implement them locally. The most interesting thing was learning about new video software called Videoscribe, which we use to make videos for the course.

Well, it was interesting until the moment I started using it. I had no clue how Videoscribe worked, so I felt scared in the beginning. It became even worse when Jan, my supervisor, asked me to give a tutorial to the whole team about how to use it. Then I remembered one of the lessons I’d learned from my role model, Oprah Winfrey, about believing in ourselves. I mean, who would have believed that someone who wore potato sacking because she could not afford clothes is now one of few black women among America’s 400 richest people?

One of the things that made her successful was having the confidence and determination to follow her dreams. That’s all I needed at that moment.

I started by watching video tutorials on how to use Videoscribe. Fortunately, the fear I originally had towards that software turned into a tremendous eagerness to learn about it. I have already made two videos that you can watch here. Perhaps they will help you to understand my addiction to this tool.

Simply put, this experience taught me that we should never give up on any situation just because we are failing. If we believe in ourselves and keep trying, there might come a time when we succeed and are able to achieve things we never thought that we would.

Gretta Flora Irakoze