Gloria’s Experience at Three Mountains

December 20th, 2019

I knew feedback was important, but, to be honest, during my previous job, not many of my colleagues would tell me what they really thought of me. I have only been working at Three Mountains for a couple of months, but my colleagues regularly comment on my work. This helps me to be aware of areas in which I can improve and creates an enjoyable learning experience.

To give an example, I was introduced to Filmora in my first week. This is software for creating and editing videos. I was asked to create a video about one of my colleague’s internship experiences within the company. I had to present it to the whole team and, when I did, I was very surprised to see how much everyone commented on my work!

I started asking myself, how will you survive here? Everyone could comment on my work and make suggestions for improvement. I was so shocked that I wasn’t able to record everyone’s comments. After that, I discovered that no one is a hundred per cent perfect. We all need to hear other people’s opinions. This is one of the best ways to perform well in the workplace.

From my experience, I believe that working in a team can lift up individual members. The strength of the team lies in those individual members. I am starting to realise that collaboration is key for achieving organisational objectives.

Another example regarding feedback is how everybody in the company gives consideration to the feedback they receive. Last Friday, our company director, Gerry van der Hulst, presented a video she had created using VideoScribe. After her presentation, everybody gave their comments and suggestions. I realised how Gerry took them into consideration, using pen and paper to write them down. Her reaction motivated me a lot!

I must admit, I’m learning fast and realising the importance of feedback within the company. The best way to achieve great performance is to involve co-workers in your accomplishments, and to solicit and appreciate their feedback.

Gloria Rukomeza