It never exhausts our mind

March 3rd, 2020

Two months ago, I was assigned to track the performance of our company’s website using Google Analytics. I focused on analyzing how different users access our website on a monthly basis.

To be honest, it was my first time learning how Analytics worked. My supervisor invited me to analyse our website and gave me the log-in codes. I opened it up and was overwhelmed by the enormous amount of data and graphs. I had no clue what most of them meant, but I was determined to find out. I watched the Google Analytics tutorials in order to understand the graphs better.

The next day, my supervisor asked me if I had found any interesting information.

“I am learning how Google Analytics works,” I replied.

“Well, I only want to know how many visitors we have had, where they came from and what pages they visited,” he said.

Although I didn’t have a clue, his questions helped me to focus my research.

The following week, I found out that 326 people had visited our website in January. They visited many different pages and had a go at doing our courses. Most of them came from Rwanda, but I was surprised to see that we also had visitors from Bangladesh and India.

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I presented my findings to the whole team and received applause for the great job I had done. I finally received the responsibility of sending monthly analytic reports on our website.

Learning can either be fun or a puzzle when it’s hard to understand the subject, but never give up. It never exhausts our mind.

As Veronica said, “The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it”.

Abel Sadiki Mwangaguhaba