The gender material is ready

November 16th, 2018

The baby is born. The gender training material is ready. There are over 250 images, free to download, five e-courses, exercises and infographics. We also made flipbooks for trainers to use under the tree. All materials are in English and Kinyarwanda.

The project took a year and somehow I cannot believe it is really ready. If I look at it again, I think this can be better, let’s add another image here… With that spirit of perfectionism, I could continue working on the material forever. But the funding is finished, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation has paid us. They have earned our eternal gratitude. They are great people, believing in us!

The job is done. I should restrain myself from working on it more, because this makes no business sense anymore, it would just be a hobby. Of course, it is not completely finished. We are still doing some leaflets on gender-based violence, final translations, and adding the last material to the website.

Now for the next step: getting the material into the world. The new baby has to walk.

We developed the courses with a steering committee of people who requested certain types of material. But there is a world of difference between, “It would be good to develop an e-course for local leaders in Rwanda on gender-based violence,” and, “All local leaders are now doing the e-course.”

The gap between, “The University of Rwanda’s gender committee would like all students to do the e-course,” and, “All students have completed the basic e-course on gender,” is vast.

So the work is not finished.  It is now about promotion and using the materials. Will you be our promotor? Here is a link to the gender training material. Please use it to spread the word.

We will organise a launch with some sessions explaining how to use the material. Would you like to attend? Please drop us a line so that we can invite you:

Gerry van der Hulst