Coming soon: a course on work management skills

June 18th, 2021

Are you facing challenges in your first job and want to improve your work management skills? Some people didn’t get the chance of doing an internship during their college or university studies. As a result, they lack hands-on experience in dealing with workplace challenges.

“I was always afraid of giving feedback, thinking it might hurt the other person’s feelings. It was the same for me when receiving feedback – I thought I might feel upset!  But when I started working at Three Mountains as an intern, I realized that one of the best ways of learning while doing your work is through the feedback your workmates give you.” said Nadine Nirere.

As learning advisors, we would like to ‘fill the gap’ and help graduates and other job seekers to perform better when they start their first jobs. We want to offer those fresh graduates training in the essential skills they will need at work. We want their employers to feel very pleased and happy that they have hired the right kind of employees with the skills they need in their organisation or company.

Currently, Gerry and I are working together to develop an e-course on work management skills. The course will cover the essential skills for people starting in their first job. Our course will look at work management skills such as time management, effective communication, handling work stress, and how to prioritize work tasks.

As a sneak preview, we would like to share a short video we have made to explain the Prioritization matrix. The matrix explains how people can manage their work tasks according to how important or urgent they are.

We plan to publish this course on our fresh, new website in June this year.

Would you like to review it?

When the course is nearly ready, we will be looking for course reviewers: people who read through the course, doing the tasks and activities, and giving us comments on where it could be improved.

If you are interested in doing that, please contact us at and we will put your name on the reviewers’ list. You will receive a link, so you can review the course online.

Abel Sadiki Mwangaguhaba