Improve your communication skills

Improve your communication skills

In this course, you will learn more about communication and its importance. You will learn about basic communication theory, verbal and non-verbal communication and giving feedback

The course has 23 questions and will take you one hour. If you reply correctly to 80% of the questions, you will get an e-certificate.

Learners rate this course 8.9

I learned how to listen to someone who is speaking and the gestures I have to make when listening. I have learned about the types of noise that can affect communication. I learned more than I expected. Thank you.


The course is short and precise and it is full of exercises to test your gained knowledge. It also gives you a chance to repeat to deepen the understanding and get more skills.

Odilon Muhoza

The course is well formulated. I liked the use of visuals that made understanding easier. Again, the tests at the end of each part also helped me to reflect well on what I have leant so far.

Rachel Cyuzuzo