Write professional emails

Write professional emails

In this course, you will learn how an email is structured and how you can write a professional email. You will learn how to make subject lines, use Cc and Bcc and how to make a professional signature. Understanding how to use email will help you to perform in a business environment.

Learners rate this course 9.1

I gained more knowledge about email writing. I learned where I can use cc or bcc and which email needs a reply.  The role of subject line and the difference between formal and informal emails is good to know.

MABENGEZA Rilly Roselyne

The course is short and precise and it is full of exercises to test your gained knowledge. It also gives you a chance to repeat to deepen the understanding and get more for more skills.

Odilon Muhoza

Now I know how to write a professional email and  when to write a formal and an informal mail. And now I know how to use cc and bcc.

Mukankubana Rosette Marie