Work with passion

Work with passion

In this e-course, you will reflect on your daily work, what you do, and how you do it.  By learning more about what your values and motivations are, you will thrive if you are working in a positive work environment. Get better at what you do and have more fun doing your work at the same time.

During the course, you will fill out a personal workbook.

Learners rate this course 9.0

I admired how this course awakens my inner awareness. This is very crucial not only for personal development but also to my productivity.

Jean Jacques Roger Ikuzwe

The course was really interesting, it was not boring and I feel like I want to continue. The course was understandable and very clear it was explaining things that we face in everyday life in our workplace. The course showed me the reason behind every decision I make in my workplace. I was internal motivated.

Cyuzuzo Ella

The course is concise and perfect to employees passion. It gives a guide on what and how to improve to become a passionate employee with use of examples, scenarios, short practices, resources written by different authors, and personal testimonies of different experienced people.

Pierre Remy Nshimiyimana