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E-learning for professionals

Improve your product or service with
high quality e-learning

Intergrate e-learning in your training

Three Mountains learning advisors have a track record developing short e-learning courses (30-60 minutes) to improve products and services. Check out some of them under training material.

Most of our interactive training modules are used in combination with face-to-face training to achieve the desired shift in audience behaviour.

To learn more about our approach to e-learning we invite you to try this 15-minute e-module.

The benefits of e-learning

E-learning has many advantages:

  • People can take courses whenever and wherever they like.
  • E-learning is interactive and engaging.
  • Face-to-face training time can be used more effectively.
  • It’s an active way of getting familiar with standardised information like safety procedures.
  • Teachers can be supported to deliver high quality classes.
  • Student results can be easily tracked.
  • Students can be organised into interactive online communities.
  • Although the initial development of e-learning courses is expensive, once made, a limitless number of people can benefit, at almost no extra cost.


For more information, please contact:
Gerry van der Hulst
Tel: +250 (0)786820521
Skype: gerry.vdhulst

Rwanda E-learning Network

In July 2016 we did a survey in Rwanda of providers and stakeholders in e-learning. This resulted in the report ‘the-state-of-e-learning-in-rwanda‘ with a wealth of information and links.

Following up on the survey, together with David Rurangirwa from USAID, we started the Rwanda E-learning Network where e-learning professionals and stakeholders meet, learn and do business together.

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