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We make training material

Quality training material for cascade training

Are you planning a cascade training for a large group of people?

Cascade training is a proven method, but it also comes with some downsides such as being expensive and resulting in diluted content.
We can help to maintain the quality of your training down the cascade, even if your field trainers are not very experienced. Using our quality downloadable support materials, many trainers have been able to deliver interactive and lively training sessions with lasting impact.

How do we  do it?

We design images, infographics, videos, exercises, leaflets and brochures based on your input. We even offer completely interactive online and offline e-courses.

Can you cover any topic?

Yes, our employer provides the content. Our expertise lies in transforming content into compelling messages that can be conveyed through powerful visual and interactive training materials. We work with content experts to review these materials.

We have created a lot of training materials for nurses in the Netherlands, where our main field was in health care. In Rwanda, we made material on gender in agriculture both English, French and Kinyarwanda.

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On our bucket list: we would love to make material for electricity companies on electrical safety, how to set up an exhibition booth for exhibitors, communication skills for young professionals and boards and governance for NGO’s, to name but a few.

Our materials are available for free

Our employers allow us to share their training materials for free, under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use.

Please check out our material on gender in English and Kinyarwanda, or in French.

Looking for a more concise intervention on gender?

Check out our team workshop Wake Up to Gender .

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