Life-Skills training

Doing an e-course is the first step to gaining new awareness and practising new behaviour.
Working with others in a group will support you to practice. Personal feedback and learning from others help you to progress more quickly.

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Improve your communication skills
This course consists of two online group training sessions, and two hours of self-paced e-learning. Get ready to share your personal experiences, and to take part in role plays.

Costs 50.000 RWF

Write professional emails
In this course of two sessions of online training and two hours of self-paced learning, you will do a lot of practical tasks. You will be writing emails to the other group members, and you will receive personal feedback on your work. You will write and rewrite your emails until they are perfect.

Costs 50.000 RWF.

Apply for a job with success
You will participate in three online group training sessions and follow four hours of self-paced e-learning. You will learn how to carry out effective job searches. Your personal job search will be the departure of the training. You will receive feedback on your draft CV and cover letters, and you will be able to practise for a job interview.

Costs 100.000 RWF.

Deliver great presentations
This course consists of three sessions of online group training and eight hours of self-paced e-learning. After working through a number of practice sessions, you will create and deliver a presentation to the group. You will learn a lot of tips and tricks that will make your future presentations memorable.

Costs 100.000 RWF.

Solve your problems step by step
This course has two sessions of online group training and a four hours of self-paced e-learning. You start by using your personal workbook to record specific problems that you want to solve. You work in a small group of three, supporting one another with your personal challenge. After one month, in a follow-up session, you discuss the steps you have made. Additional coaching is available on request.

Costs 50.000 RWF.

Work with passion
The course has two group sessions and two to three hours of self-paced e-learning. When we carry out our work ‘with passion’, we achieve more, and benefit from a sense of real progress. This course will help you to re-assess and reorient your career plans by looking at your core values and evaluating your levels of motivation.

Costs 50.000


  • A face-to face or online group session is three hours

  • Groups have a maximum size of 15 people to ensure personal attention

  • Individual personal coaching is avaiable upon request

  • Prices quoted here exclude 18 % VAT

For companies

We also offer tailor-made training, suitable to your company needs. This training can be delivered face to face, or online. Contact us for more information:

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